Unit packaging 1 kg

Collective packaging 12 kg

Fermico compressed baker's yeast 1 kg

Unit packaging 1 kg
Collective packaging 12 kg
Pallet 816 kg
VAT rate 23%
Shelf life 28 days
Minimum order quantity 1 pallet
Lead time up to 3 business days
Additional description
Yeast dry matter content: no less than 30%
Activity: expressed as the quantity of carbon dioxide released within 2 hours: over 2000 ml of CO2
Consistency: solid mass of homogenous structure
Colour: cream-coloured
Smell: typical of yeast
Storage conditions: temperature from 0oC to +4oC
Application: FERMICO baker’s yeast are intended for baking a wide range of yeast cakes, puff pastruies, short crust yeast pastries, bread and rolls
Manufacturer: JSC Kharkiv Yeast Plant

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